Emanuel Haldeman-Julius : Pocket Series and the Little Blue Books

Front Wrapper Design Style: "Self Educator"

Essentially a Conventional wrapper design but with one very meaningful difference: inclusion of the "Self Educator" Subseries Declaration and associated subseries number. These booklets were first issued in early 1943, and all booklets carry a copyright of 1943 or 1944. It is unclear if printing of these booklets ever stopped. Accurate dating is virtually impossible, although those wrappers which display a Typographical Union label on the front or back are presumed to be earlier printings, likely between 1943 and 1949. Additional information can be found in Dating Little Blue Books and A University in Print: The Marketing of Self-Education. Please check out our Database of Haldeman-Julius Pocket Series and Little Blue Book Titles for a more exhaustive list of titles in The Self Educator.

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