Emanuel Haldeman-Julius : Pocket Series and the Little Blue Books

Front Wrapper Design Style: "Illustrated & Numbered"

Similar to Illustrated wrappers in most regards (including the lack of Attribution Statement) save that a Book Number will be found located somewhere on the wrap. In addition, the artwork is usually of much lesser quality (as was the paper it was printed on) and is frequently imposed on top of a crosshatch pattern rather than a solid secondary color. It is likely this design style did not emerge until 1951 or later, and continued throughout the remaining years of the series. Accurate dating is impossible based on front wrapper design style alone. Considerations such as typeface and fonts used, number of staples, back wrapper style, etc. must be taken in to consideration. Additional information can be found in Dating Little Blue Books.

Click the wrapper image to enlarge. Click the booklet number underneath to view the associated booklet profile.

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