Emanuel Haldeman-Julius : Pocket Series and the Little Blue Books

Resources for Collectors : Scrapbook of Ephemera & Curio

Our Scrapbook of Ephemera & Curio was built with the Haldeman-Julius collector in mind. Here you will find images of Little Blue Book displays, press equipment, shipping labels, important signatures and other items of similar interest. If this kind of thing floats your boat, you may also with to check out our Scrapbook of Historic Curio or our Gallery of Haldeman-Julius Pocket Series and Little Blue Book Wrappers.

On the stands and shelves

Photo of an actual Little Blue Book vending machine, operated by 'Automatic Libraries', a division of O. D. Jennings & Company of Chicago, IL. Photo of two women filling Little Blue Book orders. Photo of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius looking through Little Blue Books, Summer 1945.
Photo of Display rack of Little Blue Books, 1957. Photo of three display racks of Little Blue Books, January, 1957. Photo of Henry Haldeman-Julius with a Little Blue Book display, 1959.

In and around the plant

Photo of The Appeal to Reason press and two pressmen. Date unknown. Photo of The Appeal to Reason offices, Girard, Kansas, ca 1880s. Photo of Haldeman-Julius Publications bindery, August 1957.
Photo of Haldeman-Julius Publications - Home of the Little Blue Books, 1957. Photo of press equipment, August, 1957. Photo of the remains of the Little Blue Book press operations, shortly after the fire of July, 1978.

Shipping ephemera

Photo of Haldeman-Julius Company original shipping label dated June 29, 1923. Photo of leaflet from Haldeman-Julius Company notifying buyer of incomplete mail order delivery. Photo of Haldeman-Julius Publications original shipping label dated April 16, 1931.
Photo of Haldeman-Julius Publications 50% off coupon, ca. 1940-1950. Photo of Haldeman-Julius Publications substitution slip, ca. 1947-1951. Photo of Blue Book Co. address sticker from back of Little Blue Book catalog, ca. 1970-1978.

Emanuel Haldeman-Julius signature examples

Photo of signature of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius from World War I Draft Registration Card, 1917-1918. Signature of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius from page 9 of LBB #1366 'How to Become a Writer of Little Blue Books.' Photo of signature of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius from cover of Big Blue Book B-788.

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