Emanuel Haldeman-Julius : Pocket Series and the Little Blue Books

Little Blue Book agents outside Girard

The following is a reproduction of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius' reply to a question submitted by a reader, as published in Questions & Answers, 9th series, 1937, pp. 14-15. In it, he mentions Little Blue Book agencies in some foreign countries, and how one was to go about becoming a Little Blue Book agent.

Do you have Little Blue Books branches in foreign countries?

Cover of Questions & Answers, 9th series.We have only one office - here at Girard, Kansas - but there are several exclusive Little Blue Book agencies in some foreign countries. We are looking for opportunities to increase these agencies until the entire world is covered.

During the past four years we have sold literally hundreds of thousands of Little Blue Books through Mr. John H. Saunders, General Manager, Little Blue Book Distributing Company, Mendes Chambers, 8a Castlereach Street, Sydney, New South Wales. Mr. Saunders sells direct to the entire Austrialian [sic] public or through trade channels. He has been doing so well, over so long a period that he is now expanding, having taken over the entire territory of New Zealand, which he is sub-agenting to Mr. John Bright. New Zealand readers will undoubtedly soon see newspaper and magazine advertisements offering Little Blue Books from the stock managed by Mr. Bright.

We have also been doing extremely well through the Little Blue Book Company, Philippine Agency, Third Floor, Arguelles Building, 519 Rizal Ave., Manila, Philippine Islands, under the management of Mr. Ranulfo R. Ortiz. This new agency, which is hardly more than four months old, has developed a thriving business, with the result that during the past two months we have been getting orders at the rate of about $500 per week, the last order a few days ago, being for $900. He started like the others - with an initial order for $200, which gave him the exclusive agency for a period of two years, at the flat rate of $37.50 per 1,000 Little Blue Books, carriage charges prepaid. We allow all foreign agencies this flat price of $37.50 per 1,000, regardless of whether they order 32, 64, or 128 page Little Blue Books, which, of course, retail at 5¢, 10¢ and 15¢ in the U.S., but higher in foreign countries, starting at 7¢ per book, delivered, for retail customers. The agencies charge what they think they should get, after taking into consideration conditions of exchange. They invariably remit with each order, going to a bank in their home city and buying a draft on a U.S. bank, which we are able to cash at once and start the books on their way to the agency. This price of $37.50 is good only when an order calls for at least 1,000 books. Anything less than 1,000 books must be paid for at the regular catalogue price. Of course, these 1,000 or more books may be made up from our catalogue as the agent chooses, and, as already stated, he can select from all these sizes at the flat price. Such an arrangement enables the agent to make a handsome profit.

We also have an agency in South Africa, though this concern has only sent in its first order and is just getting started. We refer to the Plato Book Club, 1 Edinburgh Court (First Floor), Cor. Von Brandis and Jeppe Streets (near New Post Office), Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are sure that profitable agencies could be established throughout the rest of the world, for the Little Blue Books sell readily wherever they are displayed. We also plan to arrange for Little Blue Book agencies in U.S. cities and countries, but here the wholesale price will be $30 per 1,000, F.O.B. Girard, remittance with orders. The freight or express charges will be very low, because a shipment of 1,000 Little Blue Books weighs only an average of 70 pounds.

Agents could establish themselves in large cities or counties and make a regular, substantial income just from the sale of Little Blue Books. American cities can be had for initial orders of $100, instead of the foreign requirement of $200. Prospective agents who want additional information are urged to address the Haldeman-Julius Company, Trade Department, Girard, Kansas. (Agents in the U.S. or foreign countries are not permitted to use the name of the Haldeman-Julius Company, but they may make use of the name Little Blue Book Company so long as they are selling our books).

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